We saw the cutest thing today when we were in the metro.

We walked past a woman who was feeling her way around with her walking stick. As we were waiting by the turnstiles for our bus, we see another blind man waiting at the turnstiles. When he hears a walking stick swinging around, he taps his on the ground three times. The woman tapped hers three times in response and then both their faces lit up.

They ran to each other, embraced, felt their faces, and kissed.

I actually kind of know the man. This all happened near the olympic stadium, and I know he likes swimming in the pool there because we've shared lanes a couple of times.

I guess he must have just finished his workout and was waiting for his sweetheart at the metro.

Ahah, I figured ! I too am in Montreal, just last week I encountered a blind man in station Longueil. Could have been the same guy ! To be honest I'm rather surprised at the number of handicapped people here given how difficult winter must be for them here.

@almagest Silver-haired, doesn't wear sunglasses, middle-aged?

Yes ! I was surprised by the lack of sunglasses too. He had a hat on. Man must have been the same guy !

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