tactics must shift with the times. "free software" was a valuable resistance against the commercialization of software as it existed at the time and produced many useful and valuable projects, but now it is simply used as a method of wage evasion for some of the most profitable entities that have ever existed in human history

@dankwraith Free software was never anticommercial. Quite the opposite, getting paid for writing software was always a right defended by free software advocates, and both FSF and OSI agree that a license that forbids commercial use (i.e. using or distributing the software for money) is not acceptable.

Copyleft licenses tend to be quite clear about this: the copyleft only extends to the people you decide to distribute the software to. You don't have an obligation to give access to freeloaders.


@dankwraith I always viewed the GPL as egalitarian. You want to take the software? Then you have to pay it forward. No freeloading allowed.

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