Damn, I went to a dinner party and now there's pictures of me at This makes me a bit uncomfortable, because I had no say in that, and the people who took the pictures and put them up were doing so in good faith.

This isn't Big Brother, but maybe we should call it Big Cousins or something. We surveille ourselves.

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@j I've never read him. Are you referring to a particular novel?

@JordiGH I'd recommend starting with "Permutation City".

I wish I could recommend more than that, but you know yourself at this point. Good luck :)

@j Okay, so is that novel about surveillance by your peers?

@JordiGH Anything by Terry Pratchett. Good luck :)

If there's any issues of interpretation, let me know. Otherwise, good luck :)

@JordiGH Yes, I'd recommend anything by GTP at this point.

Nope. It's one of the earlier ones, and they have less maths. Starting with "Schild's Ladder" maths becomes an important theme for his stories, and for "Clockwork Rocket" he even made up new maths (see for proofs)! Greg Egan is a giant!

@JordiGH @j

@RefurioAnachro @j I'm still utterly confused why you brought up Greg Egan when I was talking about

@JordiGH Apologies. I had a bit too much (understatement of the year) to drink on saturday, and got several utterly distinct conversations confused.

I'm honestly surprised at how coherent I was in my other threads.

@j Oh. Well, I recommend moderation. I hope I wasn't too rude.

@JordiGH You were perfectly fine. If anything I was rude assuming people would put up with my drunken antics.

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