My work is again for a . The position is for work on and .

We work with both government and private organisations to map out ecological data like water and indices, bringing together satellite data and other sources.

If this sounds interesting, let me know!

I'm a semi-private about where I work exactly, so I'll message you the details.

( and only, sorry, no remote.)

Sorry, last time I re-boost this. I just keep wild hope alive that somewhere out there in the fediverse there's a great future coworker for me.

@JordiGH oh, man. If this were in BC (or accepted remote collaborators) I'd be all over it....

@eldang I've pushed for remote work but management keeps saying no. :-(

@JordiGH As inconvenient as that is for me, I'm not certain they're wrong. It's hard to integrate one or a few remote workers in a mostly f2f workplace. Now if they ever consider opening a Victoria office....

@JordiGH Siiiiigh if only you could do remote

(that's a lie, I don't really want to be a Django dev and remote-only work might actually drive me bonkers, but I do miss environmental & GIS work)

@mcmoots We also on occasion have other GIS-only no Django positions... but yeah. Guess it won't work out this time.

@mcmoots Although those no-Django positions seem to be involving more and more scipy/numpy/pandas these days. Our analysts keep learning more and more Python.

@JordiGH the day you start accepting remote work I promise to apply.

@JordiGH I bet there's something in that range that would be good for me, if I ever wanted to move to Montreal.

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