Hey, coders, programmers, hackers:

How many of you *don't* enjoy using or or or any kind of source control at all? I want to find people who just don't like it and wish there was a better way. I know you're out there!

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Another world is possible! Un autre monde est possible!

@JordiGH One of my collaborators uses purely as a distributed file system. Does that count? Every commit message is auto-generated...

@bremner @JordiGH That sounds interesting. Can you go into details?

@JordiGH I'm at "important and necessary hassle" with it, does that count?

I constantly forget to check that I'm on the right branch before making changes.

@mcmoots Sort of, I was hoping to find more vocal opponents to the fundamental necessity of the hassle!

@JordiGH I'm a semi-voluntary user of git and I've been looking for improvements recently. This is what I want to evaluate in the near future: (on the bottom of the page you can even find research papers on git's design flaws) is another try at improving the git UX

@JordiGH I like it in theory but can't figure it out in practice. Same for coding in general.

@JordiGH I can get to the point of being able to fork something but don't know what to do with it after that. I wanna learn but seems overwhelming and I shut down.

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