This is why I love : bilingual education! Three cultures in a single informative poster! Vive la diversité!

And the tacos were tasty too.

@lanodan Yep! Gotta keep the right angle to keep the food inside the taco!

@JordiGH Yeah I often fail at that, but still easier than burgers.

@JordiGH I'm just sitting here amazed someone would need to be told how to eat a taco

@animeirl I have in fact seen a lot of people who don't know that you have to duck your head in order to keep the food on the taco. This is like people who don't know that you have to sleep diagonally in a hammock so you that you don't curve your back.

@JordiGH Seems like a clear violation of Bill 101, using the same size characters for both languages. Did you report them? 😎

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