/ is weird.

It feels like such a recently manufactured holiday.

Between the face painting, the Pizza Effect (H/T to @Shufei@mastodon.social for the term), and the cultural appropriation every which way (mestizo Mexicans from the Aztecs, foreigners from Mexico, and Mexico right back from foreigners), I have no idea what it is or what it's supposed to be.

I feel like I should know more about it, maybe even celebrate it, even if it's a recent fabrication, but I have no idea how.


It's such a bizarre thing to see the Catrina parade, a James-Bond inspired event supposedly celebrating a Mexican tradition with Mexicans dressed up as what we think Aztecs must have dressed up as (and probably didn't: symbols like Moctezuma's headdress are probably not a headdress at all).

And catrinas themselves are a political parody from around the time of the Mexican revolution designed to mock rich Mexicans who would imitate European fashion. Which we now dress up as unironically because a fictional English spy made it cool.

The whole of the celebration is a broken line of pastiche upon parody upon misunderstanding.

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