not a single time has a “hey, fuck you, you’re using one of those adblockers” interstitial tried the approach of saying “we ensure our ads are unobtrusive, lightweight & malware-free, so please consider not blocking our ads,” an approach which might actually get me to consider it


@ticky I can't find it now, but a couple months ago there was some parody toot about how a business promised that their wasps weren't going to bother you too much, so please roll your car windows down when you drive past the business so a few wasps could get into your car.

@ticky Which is to say, telling me that I need to watch ads for the good of capitalism is the most bass awkwards thing proposition that people seem to be seriously considering.

@JordiGH I mean, when capitalism has pushed us to consider spending a dollar or two on a thing we want to make use of or read “expensive” and thus people have to scrape cents out of every view, it does sort of make sense

the whole system is absolutely busted, though, of course

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