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Masto is on HN again. Most of the top-level comments are negative. It'll never work, it has to do this, it has to do that, look at that critical flaw in the software.

HN does this with nearly any new software that's trying to improve something that already exists. I used to get this sort of responses too when I announced on HN some new thing about GNU . It was really disheartening to hear an endless stream of how it would never work and how I was wasting my time.

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(Disclaimer: I wrote the post that they're discussing on HN)

And yet, people *reading* the HN post are still flocking to Mastodon. I don't know how big the effect is, but I know that my post generally referred people to and only mentioned in passing. And yet #fosstodon has seen enough increased traffic today to need to upgrade our servers.

The commenters might be negative, but the exposure *does* help.

@codesections @JordiGH Similar to the original Mastodon wave in 2017. Most of the tech journalist articles were negative or just badly researched but that didn't stop many new users from joining.

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@JordiGH Agreed. People who launch on HN get way too much shit - probably partly due to bandwaggoning.
Instead of getting caught up in their naysaying, I tend to just think back to the infamous comment on how trivial of a product Dropbox was. Classic.

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@JordiGH no kidding. The most blatant thing for me is noticing how their community mechanics (just like Reddit) essentially bury and drown out any and all positivity the moment the slightest negativity happens. Even the most milquetoast call for civility gets downvoted to oblivion.

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