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Jordi @JordiGH


I just want to know if in his stats it says something about him liking "Molulu" or something like that.

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@JordiGH His treasure: Crystal amulet presented by Molulu(His girlfriend)

@sato1108ss Thanks! So that really does say "girlfriend" in brackets? Thank you so much!

I'm stupidly obsessed with this shipping and I just wanted to know if the authors really confirmed it.

@JordiGH 恋人(girlfriend)のモルル(Molulu)

It says so.

@sato1108ss Thanks again, this makes me so happy!

@JordiGH You're welcome. I am happy helping someone with my Japanese.

@sato1108ss Y si quieres hablar español conmigo, ¡también puedes!