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Jordi @JordiGH

is a fun show so far, but I really have trouble with the Translation Convention ( I want to hear Spanish, Russian, German, Korean and what I assume must be Swahili! Why is everyone speaking accented English instead?

Regardless, @sadie_bunny, thanks for the recommendation! First episode was fun and intriguing!

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@JordiGH Don't know anything about the show, but I personally feel this a better solution than what I see a bunch in English media. "Oh, foreigner, let's show don't know English by having them say oui or something." it's like, no they'd keeping the complicated words or the words that don't translate perfectly in their native tongue!

We'd be hearing Grief bacon in german, or blue smile or whatever it is in Welsh. Not "ja!"

@lapis I use the brief, reactive, and and often-used words in a different language sometimes, but seldom by accident, and usually only when I'm aware that the person I'm talking to will understand me. I don't find it that hard to believe.

@JordiGH fair enough. It's just been more my experience as a language learner that unless I'm really excited its more "searching for a word" than "default word".

I do agree it would be rad to hear Swahili though. If I had the time I would learn it. I'm really interested in it but it has no practical use for my goals. ☹