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I've wondered why does an otherwise unremarkable movie have the most realistic depiction of an algebraic . Seriously, it's so realistic that I've referred to it a couple of times to remind myself how this proof goes. Why does this dinky little movie have the most realistic fictional mathematician ever?

Look at her, that actress, perfectly explaining that diagram chase. Draws the right arrows too. Points at all the right parts of the diagrams. Pronounces everything correctly. Correctly dismisses the snotty student's objections. And the other actor even calls it a diagram chase.

Was the screenwriter a grad school dropout or something?

Jordi @JordiGH

"I'm impressed -- her gestures are pretty much what I'd expect from someone actually teaching this proof. Did they use a math double for this scene?"

I love this YouTube comment. I want to be a math stunt double in the movies too.

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