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In case you are wondering why it has sparkles…it was made from my stash of sacrificial knitting needles.

No…not THAT sort…I just use them as relatively accurately sized shafts when making stuff like jigs to wind wire.

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It appears that this wood is actually a thin 3-layer plywood of some sort…it comes from a clementine box. I wonder if is pine, or something else.

Being plywood might explain why the wood is being easily removed to a consistent depth.

The sharpened screwdriver is perfectly sized to cut the edges, but I might have to make a smaller chisel to remove the material inside the grey rhombuses.

At this point, I do not know if this wood will hold fine details…


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Don’t get too hypnotized…unless you want to…do you want to?

Funny…my husband wasn’t the least bit surprised when I came by looking for a diamond hone to sharpen a screwdriver 😁.

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It is actually @ColinTheMathmo’s fault that I decided to torture this poor innocent screwdriver.

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This was something that I was playing with before doing the stuff in the last few posts.

It also uses the same type of groupings of 36°-72°-72° triangles.

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@HypercubicPeg Update: I think I gave you bad information before!!! See these posts:

There's actually a way of hiding replies I hadn't known was there, and it more or less kills slow-post threads completely. This WOULD be probably OK (since people are probably turning it on on purpose) but there's a particular Android client where it hides by default due to an apparent bug!

This is the basic shape (though shaded differently). It came out of an exploration of patterns formed using sequences of different numbers of wedges, hastened by trying to do this
and of course related to playing with

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A relatively quick and dirty adapter to attach a small keyless chuck to a yankee screwdriver…it even has sparkles 😁.

And I didn’t even get too many injuries from using my hand as a vise.

Hello @ColinTheMathmo, @christianp…are my responses to myself in a thread somehow less visible than starting a new toot from scratch? If this is the case, would this fixed by my boosting the response?

What I am trying to do is get chains of toots on a similar topic together (to try to get some of the functionality of a Twitter moment since I have been using those to group my artwork and topics in a place that can be easily found if people want to). Is there a standard way to do this here?

Here is the piece of from 2 posts back shown with copies of its polygon pattern. I had a similar (but lighter) picture in the art exhibition at JMM 2021.

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