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Can you tell how these pictures differ?

How do the differences affect how they are perceived by the viewer?

More squiggle art.

This one involves , which I got by finding a way to apply my squiggle algorithm ( ) to .

It is a variation on the piece “Deception in the Shadows” which was shown at Bridges a few years ago.

Clips from the rhombusworm video.

The first shows equilateral (but not necessarily equiangular) polygons rotating to form n-fold rhombus rosettes. In particular, if n is even, then they can be generated by rotating regular n-gons around a point, but if n is odd, it can work with somewhat squished (n+1)-gons formed by merging two equilateral n-gons in a particular way.

The second shows rhombusworms rotating to form the same rosettes.

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