"Creatures of the Seven Seas": The creatures depicted here are constructed from heptagons, rings of heptagons, and heptagon squiggles. In some cases, they appear to be using patterns of shading to conceal their true structure :)

I made this in 2018 and it was shown at the JMM in 2019.

(2/3) In these pages, I look at what happens if I change the sequence of numbers that I use to construct the squiggle from the simple 1,2,3,…,n. I also take a look at why for ‘linear’ squiggles, the centers of rotation of the parts of the squiggle lie on one of two lines.

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(1/3) For those of you wondering what I have been talking about when mentioning using and in my art, here is a bit of stuff that I wrote about how the idea developed.


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