I survived my talk for and in the process learned something about how to use Zoom and Keynote.

I did a lot of editing in for an brief animation to use in Keynote. I thought that I might as well make a GIF out of it too.

Posted 3 years ago on Twitter.

Can you tell how these pictures differ?

How do the differences affect how they are perceived by the viewer?

This is a link to a Twitter Moment that I set up 4 years ago about my investigations related to “The Creature” (which itself came into being more than 3 decades ago).


"Creatures of the Seven Seas": The creatures depicted here are constructed from heptagons, rings of heptagons, and heptagon squiggles. In some cases, they appear to be using patterns of shading to conceal their true structure :)

I made this in 2018 and it was shown at the JMM in 2019.

More squiggle art.

This one involves , which I got by finding a way to apply my squiggle algorithm (mathstodon.xyz/@HypercubicPeg/ ) to .

It is a variation on the piece “Deception in the Shadows” which was shown at Bridges a few years ago.

This clip is a bit more peaceful than that chaotic-looking one that I posted a couple of days ago 🙂.

This was something that I was playing with before doing the stuff in the last few posts.

It also uses the same type of groupings of 36°-72°-72° triangles.

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