I survived my talk for and in the process learned something about how to use Zoom and Keynote.

I did a lot of editing in for an brief animation to use in Keynote. I thought that I might as well make a GIF out of it too.

Posted 3 years ago on Twitter.

Can you tell how these pictures differ?

How do the differences affect how they are perceived by the viewer?

This is a link to a Twitter Moment that I set up 4 years ago about my investigations related to “The Creature” (which itself came into being more than 3 decades ago).


"Creatures of the Seven Seas": The creatures depicted here are constructed from heptagons, rings of heptagons, and heptagon squiggles. In some cases, they appear to be using patterns of shading to conceal their true structure :)

I made this in 2018 and it was shown at the JMM in 2019.

More squiggle art.

This one involves , which I got by finding a way to apply my squiggle algorithm (mathstodon.xyz/@HypercubicPeg/ ) to .

It is a variation on the piece “Deception in the Shadows” which was shown at Bridges a few years ago.

This clip is a bit more peaceful than that chaotic-looking one that I posted a couple of days ago 🙂.

This was something that I was playing with before doing the stuff in the last few posts.

It also uses the same type of groupings of 36°-72°-72° triangles.

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This is the basic shape (though shaded differently). It came out of an exploration of patterns formed using sequences of different numbers of wedges, hastened by trying to do this twitter.com/HypercubicPeg/stat
and of course related to playing with

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