I survived my talk for and in the process learned something about how to use Zoom and Keynote.

I did a lot of editing in for an brief animation to use in Keynote. I thought that I might as well make a GIF out of it too.

Got a shelf up there…maybe I should lighten the colour of the angle brackets.

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I put up some slotwall a little while ago to set up a small sewing/beading/chainmaille/Zoom session/etc… area.

I now want to put a shelf near the top of the slotwall. I am only going to put light things up there and attach very light lights tο the underside 😁, so I decided to modify t-slot nuts to use to attach angle brackets to the slotwall (the profile of the slots is not T-shaped).

Attempts at making customized from a couple of decades ago.

Because…plastic mirror clips are cheap and…well…why not?

Posted 3 years ago on Twitter.

Can you tell how these pictures differ?

How do the differences affect how they are perceived by the viewer?

This is a link to a Twitter Moment that I set up 4 years ago about my investigations related to “The Creature” (which itself came into being more than 3 decades ago).


I got a length of zipper with molded plastic teeth, but could only find the right sized slider for coil zippers in the store…so now after staring at it, I am thinking that I may be able to make a clunky version of a zipper slider myself…hmm 🤔…why haven’t I tried this before?

It amused me that this little coincidence with the background at the occurred a few days after I posted “Radial Sector Annulus” to Twitter (in 2019).

The Juno background was in motion, but it occasionally looked a bit like the ‘spider-leg’ maroon lines in my picture 😁.

Considering the band whose song inspired the name of the piece, it is interesting that that this similarity would show up at the Junos.

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"Creatures of the Seven Seas": The creatures depicted here are constructed from heptagons, rings of heptagons, and heptagon squiggles. In some cases, they appear to be using patterns of shading to conceal their true structure :)

I made this in 2018 and it was shown at the JMM in 2019.

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