It is actually @ColinTheMathmo’s fault that I decided to torture this poor innocent screwdriver.


It appears that this wood is actually a thin 3-layer plywood of some sort…it comes from a clementine box. I wonder if is pine, or something else.

Being plywood might explain why the wood is being easily removed to a consistent depth.

The sharpened screwdriver is perfectly sized to cut the edges, but I might have to make a smaller chisel to remove the material inside the grey rhombuses.

At this point, I do not know if this wood will hold fine details…


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The current state of things…I still have the background to remove.

It is not as accurate as I would have liked, but maybe it will work.


@ColinTheMathmo i am thinking that I should go find a bigger chisel for the background 😊

@ColinTheMathmo i ended up getting the background off with the small screwdriver-chisel since I was too lazy to go and find a bigger one.

Now I need to cut all those little dividing lines…somehow

I might have to go find/make a little mallet or hammer to keep my palm from getting too sore.

@HypercubicPeg In the end, it's only the surface and the edges that matter. The bottoms of the cuts don't matter because they don't get inked and they don't do the printing.

Good luck!

@Spazio thank you 😎. Hopefully it will print okay…if I get around to finishing it 😊.

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