A small piece of my non-standard . It is meant to represent a pattern of polygons.

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This is a picture which compares the beadwork with the original polygon pattern that I designed.

Last year, I wrote a paper about my methods for converting some types of polygon patterns into that weird type of . It appeared in last year’s Bridges Conference Proceedings.

This is a piece of which uses the same polygon pattern as the in the previous post…it is much, much smaller.


A few posts back in this thread, I mentioned a short paper that I had written about my escapades.

Here is a link to the very short video that I had done to elaborate on the stuff described in that paper.

Here is the piece of from 2 posts back shown with copies of its polygon pattern. I had a similar (but lighter) picture in the art exhibition at JMM 2021.

This is how I managed to get those embellishments sized just right in the piece shown at the beginning of this thread.

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