More from the investigation of animation on a grid. What do you see?

I was working on these because of the prompt from @csk a couple of years ago.

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@HypercubicPeg @csk

To me this looks like a 2D slice traversing through a higher dimensional object with the following properties:

-Based on 4-fold rotational symmetry
-The rotational symmetry smoothly rotates about fixed point in at least one dimension
-It is periodic in at least three dimensions, and two of those dimensions share a period (X/Y in this slice)

@Vergo And to think that it just looks like swimming fish to me 😊.

That is a really cool interpretation. I am trying to visualize what you mean…I think that I am almost seeing it, but I probably have to think about it when my mind is clearer.

@HypercubicPeg I'm traveling ATM, but I'll make some visualizations in a week or so and post them here

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