And something slightly disturbing that predated it by many years 😁

A radial

Tweeted 4 year ago with this comment: “One thing that came out of this question is...a radial . I think that @inversed_ru did something similar a while back in a different context. I may map this onto a cone, put it in a 3d modling program, intertwine branches...or...or...something ”. Note that the user name corresponds to Twitter, not Mastodon.

Some stuff that led to me thinking about a relationship between and .

It seems to have started with me trying to represent Pascal’s triangle using things like , , and .

@HypercubicPeg the observation about writing Pascal's Triangle sideways reminded me of Agnes Denes's experiments, in particular how she used the length of the numbers in the triangle to distort its shape.

@phooky That’s a cool visual interpretation, but it gets a bit weird at the top, doesn’t it? i wonder if that could be fixed by distorting the grid somewhat…you’ve got me wondering what the grid would have to look like to make sure that all the digits fit for all rows.

I am actually surprised that anybody bothered to wade through my ramblings 😊

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