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Find out how good you are at placing historical events in the right order with this cool new game based on Wikidata's data:

This is awesome!

@j Me three! (It seems you two are a bit ahead of me via timezone)

Wordle 209 4/6


Really cool Henry Segerman video on how we see circles when attempting to draw on circle on a cubic grid.

Grad schools applications are finally behind me! Looking forward to having some free time. I should also be more active on here, and have a few new blog posts in the works

I have seen a couple of video's on Conway's Angel problem, but no videos on one of the (recent?) solutions. Until today!

@11011110 The game discussed at the end, Hanabi, is actually known to be NP-Complete!

Was studying gradient descent for a course, only to find out that a recent result has shown it to be PPAD complete, a class shared with a the problem of finding Nash Equilibrium,
Quanta Article -

The second of my mini posts is up! Its on the VCG-auction/mechanism, a mechanism for multiparameter auctions.

@codepuppy Generally, when analyzing a game, I tend to assume that the utility for an outcome also takes into account the benefit derived from cooperating. Thus we can assume agents will act in their best interest, which can factor in cooperation etc.

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The SIGACT Committee for the Advancement of Theoretical Computer Science is collecting information on women in theoretical computer science; if this is you, please see for details of how to be counted.

One of my classes this quarter has assigned weekly writing assignments. I have decided to use this to write a couple of "mini" blog posts about some fun and not too complex topics. The first of which is the Vickrey auction, although one on the general VCG-mechanism may follow...

This has got to be one of the most useful websites I have ever come across.

Discovered by a member of a CGT Discord, this video is a great introduction to Combinatorial Game Theory, based on Winning Ways.

The first, in what is now going to be a two-parter on the strategic considerations of the Gale-Shapley algorithm is now up on my blog.

Couple of my favorite papers from the IEEE CoG!
Team Counter-Selection Games -
Finding an Equilibrium in the Traveler’s Dilemma
with Fuzzy Weak Domination -
Predicting Human Card Selection in Magic: The
Gathering with Contextual Preference Ranking

@11011110 I think "underground creepy crawly settlement" for "ant colony" has to be my favorite.

@11011110 It is break, apparently I can't spell. 🤦‍♂️ Will definelty give the paper a read!

The third and final post on impartial games is out. Nothing to crazy, just some more in-depth examples of the Sprague-Grundy theorem in action.

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