(love seeing assumptions that are pretty clearly just meant to make annoying terms go away)

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when you have a $$\frac{1}{n^2g^{j+2}}\left \{\int |L^Z*L^Z(u;g)|\,du\right\}\left \{\int |t|^j|\varphi_L(t)|^2|\varphi_Z(t/g)|^{-2}\,dt\right \}$$ problem that you need to get rid of, just add a little $$\left \{\int |L^Z*L^Z(u;g)|\,du\right\}\left \{\int |t|^j|\varphi_L(t)|^2|\varphi_Z(t/g)|^{-2}\,dt\right \} = o(n^2g^{j+2})$$ to your assumptions!

is latex/mathjax support a standard mastodon feature or just a mathstodon.xyz feature? are people on other mastodons seeing the raw tex?

mastodon has the following bad characteristics: it is new to me and therefore feels unfamiliar.


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