odd.. Flickr seems to know @WelshPixie but seems to have forgotten *MY* name!

Stock markets are closed to honor former president Bush, if you were wondering who capital swears allegiance to

"Sandy's Slay"

Police arrested a suspect today in the case of missing woman Holly Ann D'ivy.

at 8am this afternoon SWAT officers stormed the Noel Christmas School of Marketing where they apprehended 47 year old caretaker Mr Sandy Klawse.

A Forensic team later uncovered several bags of what appeared to be human entrails which Mr Klawse was apparently attempting to use to deck his halls. it's currently unsure if these ARE indeed missing Holly's bowels.

@Magnus919 greetings fellow Birdsite escapee ;)
@formerlypete (The Autist formerly known as Pete) here!

A Collector of Math and Physics Surprises: Tadashi Tokieda discovers new physical phenomena by looking at the everyday world with the eyes of a child

Via plus.google.com/+Quantamagazin

Looking for friends to do napkin math with over coffee.

The knight looked at the purring pile, and turned to the dragon.
"You hoard cats?"
"Aren't they sweet?"
"You can't sleep on a hoard of cats!"
"Of course not. They usually sleep on me."
"You are their hoard?"
"Why so concerned with labels?"
"I don't want to fight you."
"So don't."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Pete "I'm a mathematician!"
Pete "I'm uncomfortable swearing"
Also Pete.. "...dang!!"


Fact: If you think about this for sufficiently long, you officially become a combinatorialist.

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what's so great about anyway? I'm and I've been wearing this mask for the last 48 years! ;)

Over 3000! That's pretty good but I can't see it really getting much further.

Finished Steven Universe on Netflix (only showing one series booooo!) But started watching Hilda. It's quite a sweet little animation set in Norway (or Sweden.. possibly Iceland.. somewhere up there! Geography was never my strong point XD) it's got a real Studio Ghibli feel to it but a much simpler animation style without gentle stories and endearing characters.

cannot listen to this track.. without thinking about that mime sketch.. dammit XD

hmm any clear new user guides to joining and using Masto I can share on Birdsite?

"Yeah, sure I'll update the web server, sounds like a piece of cake!"

"Hello, this is an absolutely critical web application that must run in the new environment and hasn't been updated for 10 years."

*tries to close the can again but worms are everywhere now*


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