Interesting description of a buffer overrun in Chrome:

You know what would have prevented this? The use of a memory safe language. Arguing in favour of C or C++ because "it's fast" hasn't been a valid argument for decades.

Pop #maths #talk by Eugenia Cheng at the Royal Institution:

"How to Think Like a Mathematician"

Or maybe the title should have been 'How to Think'.

Oh I'm so disappointed. I had visions of Inspector Baboon and his plucky trainee Detective Springbok driving around Cape Town solving puzzling crimes using their cunning animal senses.

So I'm researching the proper procedure for giving my #sewing machine a tune-up and it's come to my attention a lot of people are using WD-40 in their machines.

Let me be clear: WD-40 is NOT an acceptable lubricant for anything more critical than a door hinge!

It is a corrosion barrier. It's meant to prevent rust in things like hinges that are exposed to the weather and the like. It does have some ability to lubricate but it is almost never the oil you're looking for.


A variety of fineliners on A5 size 220gm smooth heavyweight paper. Took 15 - ish hours.

For Sale! $80 USD for the signed original, which includes worldwide shipping. Message if you want it.

#MastoArt #CreativeToots

Took me 35 minutes to do the shading on that mandala bit in the left corner...

#MastoArt #CreativeToots

@WelshPixie btw..offering an upgrade to any steam drive owners of a system that ,when inserted , will copy your photos, fix red eye, make ugly scotsmen look like handsome Welsh lads, refocus out of focus shots, and make grey miserable wet photos of Merthyr Tydfil in January look like the Bahamas in June.. only $£¥2097 squintillion

Haha Haha hey @WelshPixie .. fancy one of these?? Totally not judt a USB flash druvr6 with an on boot app that promises NOT to mess up your photos.. not as if DLR Cameras ever automatically files the same .. I can't see how this auto finding, auto copying and auto "duplicate " finder could possibly fail.. can you?? ;)

Today I argued with conspiracy theorists (specific flavour: the government and UNICEF are using energy weapons to start fires for the purposes of population control) online and when I pointed out all the flaws in their logic and places where they were blatantly contradicting themselves, they blocked me then called me a 'psychotic commie troll'. 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

boost this and i'll give you a hacker/cyberpunk name based on my 0 knowledge of hacking or cyberpunk

Fill your 2019 with pretty things! At the $1 tier you'll get access to a HUGE online library of fractalicious desktop wallpapers. At $4.51 you'll get a weekly colouring page and access to a huge back-catalogue of colouring pages, and at $9.36 you'll get a DAILY colouring page. :O

If you suffer from pain disorders like fibro or arthritis, or things like stress/anxiety/depression, colouring is a great way to relax, unwind, and distract. <3

#MastoArt #CreativeToots

This is a great article about building a little games console -

It includes an awesome quote:
"Electronics is LEGO. All the bits are available and all you need to do is stick them together. And the instructions for sticking these parts together are available in the datasheets."

The revelation here hits home for me: "That paragraph... it sounds so obvious, but if somebody had told me that earlier in life, I could have been so much further ahead by now."

Hi. I'm a third-year software engineering student from Australia.

I'm currently learning C++ and getting some Java practice by contributing to open-source projects (just fixing some JabRef bugs so far).

I learned about this place from SlateStarCodex (if I remember correctly), and the idea of solving outrage-culture-for-corporate-profit this way seemed brilliant to me.

Very late #introductions , I know. But here I am.

Stock markets are closed to honor former president Bush, if you were wondering who capital swears allegiance to

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