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Mastodon, why is it so hard to find the place to click if you want to expand a thread from a post which has nothing but a picture?

When everything is coming your way, you're in the wrong lane. -- Steve Wright

@yash Hi, and welcome to Mathstodon, a Mastodon instance largely focused on maths and related topics.

It's still pretty quiet here, but growing slowly, and we look forward to seeing what you choose to share. The more you say about what you're doing, the more likely you are to get people replying, following, and generally interacting.

So, tell us about yourself, using the hashtag



For other reasons I've just double checked the following.

I used to use Linked In, and I realised it was of no value to me, so I deleted my account. The next day I started to get spam to the unique email address I had used for it. Checking, I can find no evidence that they had a data breach at about that time. So my email was leaked, either deliberately or through concealed incompetence.

Make of that what you will.

Haha, and just beat the devil out of it. -- Bob Ross

You might know about regular numbers (, of the form \(2^i\cdot3^j\cdot5^k\)) from Babylonian mathematics, music theory, Plato, or as a test case for functional programming. But did you know that they come up in biology, as numbers of years between mass flowering in certain types of bamboo? See Veller, Nowak and Davis, "Extended flowering intervals of bamboos evolved by discrete multiplication",, via Andrey Zabolotskiy at

@bhaugen @organizingInFedi For later consideration ... DiscDAG has a "Local Neighbourhood" mode, and I'm looking at implementing a generalisation of "collapsing", so you can navigate around, hide the bits you have seen, and then potentially add "Summary Nodes" to hide sections of the diagram.

It's a work in progress, but I have no front end skills at all, and cannot implement by ideas.

@bhaugen @organizingInFedi Not a problem ... it's late here and I'm going off-line soon, so we might have to do it in "slow time"

But come back to me later.

@bhaugen @organizingInFedi @bonfire If you're interested in DiscDAG then you're probably best to have a look at this first:

It's not a discussion, it's documenting some of the major/primary features. Let me know when you've had a look at that.

(I need a proper on-boarding experience)

@bhaugen @organizingInFedi @bonfire FWIW

I do have an experimental tool that lets you have the discussion directly in the "Chart". But it also lets you reply to multiple nodes, so discussion threads can be drawn together. If you want a discussion to reach a conclusion, pulling the threads together is the objective. Mastodon discussions don't enable that.

So you may be interested in exploring the DiscDAG tool. If so, let me know.

@natecull An interesting discussion that I need to think about more slowly and carefully. There are a lot of good points here.

It relates to the discussion mechanisms ideas that I've been playing with ... linear formats are easy to display, but lose some of the dependency information.

Calling @Chartodon ...

A leader is judged not by the length of his reign but by the decisions he makes. -- Kahless (ST:DS9, 'Tacking into the Wind')

@dredmorbius @rysiek Not as complex as some of the other stress tests, but a nice example ... Thank you!

Hope it was useful.

Everywhere I look these days, I see signs of division (and they are called obeli) -- @jsiehler

@ColinTheMathmo Bizarrely, gives an answer that is off by a factor of ten. Let that be a warning to avoid random internet calculate-this-for-me sites.

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