@noelle Not so long ago I worked out why language is weird. It's because it's invented by, and used by, people.

And people are weird.

I have to make this joke every time I hear the address, I'm sorry 

@noelle I just read this to my wife and in return I got a Very Hard Stare (ala Paddington).

I blame you.

Remembering Martin Gardner on what would have been his 107th birthday:

"without doubt the best friend mathematics ever had." -- Colm Mulcahy

Wonderful work, wonderful man.

I just got the molecular modeling kit I ordered in the mail. To test it out, I made a buckyball:

Intentionally losing a game of 'Rock, Paper, Scissors' is just as hard as intentionally winning.

@ajroach42 Here's a link to some of the discussion that arises from the on-line "read along":


Anyway, I'll leave you with that, and if you want to know more, or get a recommendation of a specific Heyer novel, let me know.

@ajroach42 I will find a chart of a "read along" so you can see what the idea is. It is effectively historical fiction, so it sounds plausible. Getting her a nice physical book might be a reasonable present.

Stand by ... link to come ...

@ajroach42 Does she read? My wife is a huge fan of Georgette Heyer, and there are *HUGE* on-line "read-alongs". Let me know if this sounds at all interesting.

She wrote a lot, it's mostly Regency fiction, and some books are better than others. I can ask for recommendations, and I can point you at charts of the "Read Alongs" to give you a sense of the phenomenon.

whoah, I've just noticed that Neil Sloane mentioned one of my integer sequences in a talk at Doron Zeilberger's experimental math class! oeis.org/A268176/a268176.pdf

If coming up with questions was as hard as answering them, I'd feel a real sense of achievement now

@penguin42 @cefiar Running "df" as root also gives me 0 and 100% for Available and Use%, so that seems not to be the entire story.

I'll think about "tune2fs -m 0" ... thanks.

@penguin42 @cefiar Ah, good point ... (pause) ... OK, trying to write as user gives me "no space on device" but writing as sudo let's me succeed.

OK, so how do I return to getting useful results from df?

(and thank you)

@garritfra It's a nice idea, and I kinda already do/have that.

My notes are named by date and content, then filed in a "tag tree".

Every time I use dd I do:

$ sudo echo dd if=foo.img of=/dev/sdX

and then I double check that it was actually, really, truly right before I remove the echo

@cefiar It's EXT4 ... I'm finding that the Usage number goes up and down exactly as expected. Archive files to a tarball, the "Used" figure goes up. Remove the originals, the "Used" figure goes down.

The "Available" and "Use%" figures remain static at 0 and 100% respectively, even when subtracting or dividing "Used" and "Total" appropriately show that they should not be.

It's as if a "needle" got to the limit of its travel and got stuck there.

Received two s(c|p)am emails today saying I had a "file download". So I futch the html, and the first lines are these:

Challenge Accepted XD
Office scampage (Login + Result To telegram) in one html File By ARON-TN xD
Don't Change The Copyright xD

So that's interesting.

Is "df" broken?

I have an external USB drive I use for backups, and I'm preparing to swap it out for a fresh one. It was full, and I'm been cleaning it a bit before the swap. In doing so I've found that

# df -B 1 <mount_point>

was producing:

1B-blocks 1968842792960
Used 1870698692608
Available 0
Use% 100%

That surprises me a little ...

Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

# df --version
df (GNU coreutils) 8.28


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