In about half an hour, UK pass, starting at 19:13:21, duration 28 secs, visible, Magnitude -1.1

The meaning of "whole number" is not universally agreed upon. If you use it, take care to say which kinds of integers you mean by it.

@christianp Hiya - in my paper on pi from a bouncing billiard ball, the references to the paper are broken.

Here's the thing I wrote:

Here's the correct reference:

My latest bloggy thing - The Rope Around the Earth - refined.

Comments, criticisms, feedback, and undiluted praise all invited.

Every bigot peddling the myth that 'parents are making kids transition because they're scared of them being gay' ignore the fact that so many of us endured years of parents literally saying "I could have handled you being GAY, but not *THIS*".

You know nothing about us, shut up.

Don't anthropomorphise computers - they hate that.

@JordiGH My wife - @virtuosew - has a degree in linguistics (although that was her first degree, and it was some time ago) says she has heard the usage more recently, and it's "semi-current". I've not heard it before, although I would understand it, and probably *would* notice if someone said it in my hearing.

I've lived in the UK for more than 12 years. I've spent 5 years paying tax and NI. I drive on a British licence, I attend an English university. My home and family are here.
Could someone explain why I should pay £65 for bullshit I never got a vote on in the first place? #Brexit

Did Quantum Mechanics exist before someone observed it?

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