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Please take great care out in the hills and mountains of Wales today. The heatwave is prematurely hatching the eggs of the Welsh dragon (Y Ddraig Goch). If you come across a baby dragon just leave it be. DO NOT TAKE IT HOME! Dragons do not make good pets, they very quickly get too hot to handle.


Second question:

When did brackets enter mathematical notation? Here's an example of what books could be like *before* brackets:

A questions about toots flowing through the system/instances. I already have this:

There are questions unanswered. For example, what if the toot is boosted by someone on this instance who does *not* follow the tooter?

Is there a more complete set of criteria explicitly listed?


A Mastodon instance for maths people. The kind of people who make \(\pi z^2 \times a\) jokes.

Use \( and \) for inline LaTeX, and \[ and \] for display mode.