Repeatedly I am baffled by the Virgin Trains booking site. Here's another example where I'm unable to explain how they do this:

So we made a purchase, and it was going to be delivered. The company has been great about keeping us informed. Also, we got this in an email:

Seen today - hard to disagree:

To the Times:

During my many years in the classroom my colleagues and I rarely noticed if the headteacher was not in school. However, if the tea lady was absent everyone knew.

Dr N Flavell, Sheffield

That's it - MathsJam is about to start. 176 delegates, 52 talks, Cakes, Competition Competition, MathsJamJam, and more : ...

Watch for the tweets.

Here's a nice little challenge - what's the first false positive from this routine?

Found the photo! I've always *hated* selfies, and never look good in them, but here I am with @TheAntonDuBeke - as I say, a lovely man.

Suddenly realised that we are pretty much at the limit for the MathsJam weekend - let me know if you want to come but haven't paid.

Very simple code to generate left-truncatable primes - what would you do differently?

To assist @ChurchillHelp - who assure me that there won't be charges when I reply to their survey, here's a screenshot:

Bookings for the MathsJam annual gathering going well: - in just a few weeks we'll open the talks booking page.

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