I'm confused by the DPD parcel tracking page. The parcel has left the UK and is on it's way to Australia, and a day later it's still in London.

I love Anne Louise Avery's work ... it's stunning. Her characters are lovely, with their own struggles and triumphs. You can follow her here:




It was very late & Wolf was sitting up in bed with a hot water bottle & a cup of cocoa, surrounded by his birthday presents & cards. Everything he had wished for had come true & he kept picking things up & putting them down again & wiping big wolfish tears from his eyes.

On a recent website. One of these is "Yes", the other is "No".

Can you tell which is which?

Free to a good home, postage to be negotiated, three transputer books. These are of no real value except for nostalgia, and perhaps inspiration.

Let me know if you're interested, otherwise they go to recycling.

Please boost for reach, if someone wants them I'd be delighted to pass them on.

If we know someone will take them then we are willing to hold them for a time to make arrangements. We're based in the NW of England, north of Chester. We're willing to be flexible as to how the handover happens.

If you are willing, please boost for reach.

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Other people elsewhere have posted less impressive versions of similar things, so I thought I'd post this:

OK, I'm at a loss. Firefox on my mother-in-law's Ubuntu laptop has started doing this ... any suggestions?

Colour me astonished ... their "Opt Out" process appears to be broken.

Are they incompetent, or lying scum?

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It's not too late to attend my talk this evening. You would still need to register ... ping me if you want an email address to contact them.

Talk is at 17:00 EST / Panama time, 22:00 GMT, 09:00 AEDT. Too late for some, too early for others, just right for Panama and the rest of the Americas.

Registration for my talk tomorrow closes in a couple of hours. The talk is on Feb 3rd at 22:00 GMT, 17:00 EST and Panama time.

"Colours Can Compute"

Starting with an activity that children can play, we find that when we think deeply about it, it's more than just child's play.

For a general audience.

I'm giving a talk!

It's free, and aimed at a general audience interested in mathsy things.

Register here:


Date is Feb 3rd, time is 5pm EST and Panama time, 10pm UK time, 9am in Victoria and NSW Australia.

Questions welcome!

I'd be grateful if people would re-toot this to get outside my bubble ... thank you.

Here is your 24 hour (minus 90 minute) warning ... I'm giving a talk tomorrow. You can get your free ticket here:


What I'll be sketching/covering/alluding to is here:

Advice invited ...

I've run tesseract on this image, and here is the resulting text:

>> Date MON 02/04/2018
>> Channel BBC TWO
>> Start Time 18:30
>> isCctea BT ead 0h30m (DR)

Can anyone suggest some filtering that would assist tesseract to get a better success rate?

COVID-19 graph 

I think I can explain most of the features on this graph, and I don't like the look of any of it. Stay safe, well, put, away from people, and wash your hands!

Please, please, if you recognise this, *please* don't give it away for anyone else.

Does anyone recognise the "caterpillars" on this ?

Please reply via PM if you get it, but feel free to speculate if you choose.

That moment when opening an image in the gimp takes your machine load to over 17:

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