Oh look ... someone on The Orange Site has found an irrelevant side-nit to pick, offering *zero* value, and demonstrating how dedicated they are to the truly pointless, and how they can spectacularly miss the point.

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@ColinTheMathmo you could probably get a bot to toot this, accurately, once an hour. Not that I've looked on the orange web site for a while, but I don't have much hope that it's got any better since I did...

@edwinb I've found it very much to be an example of the curate's egg:'s

There is a lot of dross, and there are a lot of jerks, but there are some real gems both in terms of the articles linked and the people commenting on them. I've got scripts to spot the jerks and to spot the gems, and it's *so* much better than a lot of other internet sources.

It's just important to be able to block out the idiots and jackasses. Same is true of nearly every site.

@ColinTheMathmo the secret may be the ability to block and mute! So many sites don't seem to realise that's important.

@edwinb I mostly don't pull out the scripts to do it, I just know some of the names, and when I skim other comments I'm willing to simply move on.

Thing is, The Orange Site isn't intended to be a "Social Media" site, nor a "Social Networking" site, it's something different.

I mine it for information and connections, but I really am ruthless about Just Moving On.

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