Greetings people ...

The time has come to start accepting contributions towards running costs for the Mathstodon server. This is an early call to let people know it's going to happen.

I will not use PayPal, but I'm interested in what other systems of contribution people have used and are happy with. Please reply with your suggestions (Ko-Fi, Patreon, etc) and I'll construct a poll later.

I'm not all that tech savvy, and happy to accept guidance and assistance.

Let me know your thoughts!

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addendum: if anyone has the knowledge and time to help us run the server more cheaply, please get in touch!
At the moment, we're spending $60/month on a single VPS


@christianp @ColinTheMathmo SoYouStart or Hentzner will probably get you something more powerful for much cheaper. I'm paying $50/mo for 64GB RAM / 480GB SSD / Xeon proc for my server on SoYouStart. Hentzner is even cheaper (roughly $33 for the same config). Much cheaper than a VPS on Digital Ocean / Linode / others. No issues with performance in the years I've had it.

@christianp @ColinTheMathmo Might it be cheaper to use a dedicated Mastodon host like They might not fit your use case, of course, but they'd also probably be easier than running the actual server yourselves.

@johnpettigrew As far as I know, definitely not cheaper. The landscape has changed since we first set it up and we'll look again, but it was significantly more expensive when last I checked.

@christianp ??

@ColinTheMathmo I really like Patreon. And... there's not more to say about that, I guess.😅

@ColinTheMathmo Patreon is probably the simplest, but I think they take a really big chunk of your earnings as a fee.

Liberapay might be an interesting alternative — it's a free software, NGO-run platform similar to Patreon:

For what it's worth, I'll gladly chip in a bit!

@nikola Thanks for the feedback, and for the offer. I know there are several people who are willing to chip in small regular amounts, so I thought it was time to set something up.

I'll have a look at the options and look at the intersection between what people are most comfortable paying via, and what I'm capable of setting up and administering.

@ColinTheMathmo The first question has to be what orders of magnitude are we talking about for the money? A solution for hundreds of pounds is different from a solution for tens of thousands of pounds which is different from a solution for millions.

@bob_dowling We're talking about $60 to $70 pcm. It's just a VM on ... @christianp can provide more details on the setup if you're interested.

So ... not a huge amount of money, but I've been paying all of it for quite some time now. Given that we want to stay for the long haul, it would be nice to share the load, and people have been kind enough to offer. Hence asking what would be easy for them, and getting it started.

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