OK, so I've been learning a new computer language recently, and I'm finding it intriguing. Not yet at the point where I can use it "in anger", but I'm close to the point of choosing it for some of my everyday scripting things. It would take longer, but would help me to learn it.

So ...

Would you learn a new language? What would induce you to do so?

@ColinTheMathmo I would want to be able to write it about as fast as I can write Python, but have better performance, especially for multithreaded applications

@gappleto97 I'm getting to the level of writing some of my code in both Python and the new language so I can start doing some timing comparisons. Not sure it have multithreading support, I'll have to check.

I'm still just a beginner, though. It's a mind-bending paradigm (for me) so it's not just a "Write Python in X" exercise.

That's why it's (potentially) valuable.


@gappleto97 I'm learning "fexl".

The website doesn't really do it justice, my initial investigations suggest that it's actually quite usable ... but I'm still exploring it.

I'm finding it quite interesting ... I've been surprised.

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