Dabbling with yet another : Obsidian () also does the whole note linking + graphs + tags, but at least there's a free desktop client extendable by plugins, and I could do my own free syncing + versioning: obsidian.md/

Currently incorporated some notes from previous online courses + using it for ongoing notes for a training program, but will probably try redoing notes for past uni modules + outlining books/articles

Not really sticking to any particular kind of note-taking system/ideology (e.g. Zettelkasten), instead focusing on just generating the content and saving the refactoring for later

@btcprox I offer this as a point of view ...

There's an argument that what I think you're calling the "refactoring" is an integral part of the "note taking" and should not be put off too much. Otherwise you end up with a totally disconnected pile of independent snippets, and integrating them all is harder because you've lost the context.

The connections are a fundamental part of what you're trying to capture, at least as important as the snippets themselves.

@ColinTheMathmo fair point. Should've said that I already try to make sure that the notes I take are connected (some of Obsidian's features are pretty good at finding orphaned notes + discovering links that should be made explicit), and do regular restructuring of chunky notes. What I mean is right now I don't really follow any particular note-taking practice toured online, like Zettlekasten's super atomic notes


@btcprox Noted.

In truth, I don't think most existing systems are true "Zettelkastens" in the original sense, and I'm pretty sure they shouldn't be. I've been trying to deduce what Luhmann's original system was really like, and thinking about how to implement what's valuable about it. In case you're interested and would like to read my early musings, here's a link:


Thoughts and comments invited.

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