A friend of mine is looking to acquire a copy of:

"Differential Equations and Numerical Analysis"
by Andrew Paterson

It's number 5 in a series of 5, and the others have been useful for his teaching.

Does anyone, by an amazing coincidence, have a copy?

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I'd appreciate boosts to get this beyond my immediate circle ... thanks.

@macxcool Searching by ISBN shows that it's currently unavailable, hence the general request to people in and beyond my circle. There's a genuine non-zero chance that someone has a copy they are willing to part with.

@ColinTheMathmo Ah. Sorry. 😃
I know the pain of trying to find an unfindable book. You'll have to wait until it shows up on 😁

@macxcool As I say, there's a non-zero chance a friend of a friend has a copy ... I know some ... (significant pause) ... interesting people.

@thor Well, I have friends who do or have done maths ... which isn't necessarily the same thing!

@ColinTheMathmo This might not work for published books but I've heard that you can usually just ask authors per email and they'll send you a copy of the scientific paper you're interested in for free (skipping the article fee that you'd have to pay for a paper in Nature or something). Also heard that this sometimes works for college textbooks. Might br worth a try!

@jfml If we can track down contact details for the author this is definitely a thing we'll be trying. It does work less well for books as compared to papers, but worth a shot.

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