I invite you to speculate in the comments on what they might have been told in the associated class, but the poll concerns a first year secondary school question (in Italy) which asks:

"True or false, the successor to pi is pi+1".

Please boost to get beyond my bubble - thx.

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FWIW, the original is:

"Il successivo di pigreco è pigreco + 1 (vero o falso)"

@ColinTheMathmo I'm hoping I'm not misreading anything, but my thoughts on this are as follows: Sx = x + 1 is well defined for natural numbers, I would have thought that the if one were to extend to real numbers then, Sr = r + 1 for r ∈ ℝ is pretty natural.

So Sπ = π + 1 seems alright.

Of course, this extension, while obvious, isn't the only extension. The real answer is "it depends on how you define S", but I'd argue that defining it as anything other than the above borders on malicious.

I forgot to give my speculation: "pi doesn't have a successor"

@bmreiniger So your answer to the question asked would be "No".

Fair enough ... I still wonder what the classroom discussion might have been.

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