Some major retailers are refusing to accept and pay for garments ordered and now made, so this company is looking to sell them direct:

This is a fabulous idea and deserves to succeed ... please check it out and if you can, consider buying something for yourself and/or your family.

Not everyone can, but even if you can't, do let others know.

@ColinTheMathmo I've had a few drinks, so going to avoid the impulse buy. Seems promising though, and I'll likely buy a set in the morning. Thanks for the link :)

@ColinTheMathmo sky only available in the UK and Ireland, but I've filled out the form and then to bring it to the US and you should too for your country

@DialMforMara @ColinTheMathmo Honestly, I'm just glad they managed to include Ireland. We're not part of the UK, but with the common travel area, and a land border, you'd expect shipping to be frictionless. Still there's companies that will happily ship to Northern Ireland, but not the south, even if the customer is willing to pay for it. Pain in the fucking hole.


Seems like a great idea and now I'm wondering if there's a U.S. equivalent. I'll have to investigate later.

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