Conway has died.

People here might know him best for the "Game of Life", but he did so much more. The book about Conway by Siobhan Roberts is an interesting read about the man and his work.

Some will know Conway via is work on the Classification of Finite Simple Groups (with *many* others), some via his "Look and Say" sequence, while still others will know his book "Winning Ways", written with Richard Guy and Elwyn Berlekamp. My copy signed by all three is something I treasure.

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I was privileged to know all three of Berlekamp, Conway, and Guy, and I mourn their passing.

From his wikipedia page:

Known for: Surreal numbers, Conway groups, Monstrous moonshine, Doomsday algorithm, Look-and-say sequence, Icosians, Mathieu groupoid, Free will theorem, Conway chained arrow notation, Conway criterion, Conway notation (knot theory), Conway polyhedron notation, ATLAS of Finite Groups, Conway's Game of Life.

@ColinTheMathmo Damn, that is a real shame. I can't think of any other mathematician who kept on popping up in surprising unrelated fields in the same way that Conway did to me. A real inspiration for me.

@ColinTheMathmo RIP. There are few mathematicians who's names crop up as often in as many different contexts and fields as Conway's. Discrete mathematics has lost a giant, but he certainly left some wide shoulders to stand on.

@j @ColinTheMathmo There are a few interviews on Youtube with him. Look up the Numberphile channel.

@ColinTheMathmo Very sad. I never met him but reading (some of) On Numbers And Games as an honours student was a formative experience for me.

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