Two years ago I wrote about the "Four Points, Two Distances" problem, giving the solution, and the proof that it was complete. Today I was excited to see that DataGenetics had written up the problem.

What a disappointment. What a *serious* disappointment. No elegance to the solution at all, neither style nor grace, and almost impossible to check.

What a let down 8-(

@ColinTheMathmo I don't feel the same disappointment! I find that the system of indexing potential solutions by 5 bits of information is very tidy, and gives me a high degree of confidence on the first read-through that the solution is carefully organized and complete. Interesting how tastes in these matters can vary, I suppose.


@jsiehler Have you had a look at my write-up? You can find it here:

I prove a simple lemma, then have exactly 3 bits of information. Two are impossible, the other 6 give exactly one solution each.

@jsiehler Sorry, three simple lemmas.

My point here is that it can all be checked by hand, it's linear, no complex case analysis.

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