hey, if you haven't yet, claim your $125 from the Equifax data breach settlement

literally seconds of entering your name and address results in a mailed check of $125 and helps make sure a corporation pays for their massive negligence



@ShugoWah It seems to require a social security number, which I don't have. What does a non-American do?

@ColinTheMathmo @ShugoWah if you don't have a social security number, then you wouldn't have a credit profile with any of the US credit agencies, so you wouldn't be eligible as part of the class action.

@sexybenfranklin Perhaps not as a part of a USA class action, but certainly our details were lost/leaked in the Equifax breach.

CC: @ShugoWah

@ColinTheMathmo @ShugoWah what details do you expect got exposed? They're a US credit bureau. Unless you're opening lines of credit in the US, they won't have a file on you.

@sexybenfranklin They have a significant presence in the UK - I don't know why you think they are USA only.

Example reference:


CC: @ShugoWah

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