Stepped out of Hurky Creek for a bit and am checking out Idyllwild. Tiny towns are a culture shock every time.


@art I've heard about "tiny towns", but no one has ever described them in a way that makes sense. Can you point me at a document to read that gives some sort of context?


@colinthemathmo @art I don't think there's a unified meaning. Partly because the definition of "town" varies so much from state to state.

However, I would consider a "tiny town" to be a place that is outside of a major urban area, a place with a relatively small population. Some other characteristics would depend on how the local economy is structured and the distance to an urbanized area. For example, Idyllwild, California, is close enough to the #SoCal urban area that weekend visits are possible, so I'd expect tourism to be a big part of their economy.

@lnxw48a1 Ah, so this is literally a "tiny town" in the sense of a town that's really small. I was thinking along the lines of the computer/internet "tiny town", which is obviously something different.

This, for example:

/Mea culpa/, my apologies, as you were ...

CC: @art

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