Let's try again ...

I'm trying to track down an SF story in which humans are on an alien world, working with intelligent aliens who are like big cats (think panther) but which have tentacles (think multiple elephant trunks). The humans (privately) call the aliens "Octopussies".

Also on the world are animals who look like humans, referred to as "Yahoos".

Anyone recognise this? TIA.

More information:

Calling the local human-lookalikes "Yahoos" is almost certainly a callback to Gulliver's Travels, but the story I'm looking for isn't that.

In this story, two human sociologists attempt to raise two orphaned yahoo babies, believing that the yahoos are suppressed humans, and if raised as human children will grow to have human intellects, etc.


"Overproof" by Johnathan (sic) Blake MacKenzie, Analog October 1965.

I don't have that Analog, so it's in one of the Anthologies. At lease now I have a title I can skim for. My thanks to Mike Scott on Facebook.


Only big cats with tentacles i can remember are Coeurl, from A.E.Van Vogt's "Black Destroyer".

and possibly Mughi from "Dirty Pair".

@Nikolai_Kingsley It's definitely not "Black Destroyer", but I'm not sure Coeurl had tentacles - I'll have to go re-read that. But it's not been found - "Overproof"

Thanks for the ping.

@Nikolai_Kingsley That's "Overproof" by Johnathan (sic) Blake MacKenzie, Analog October 1965. ALso in some anthologies.

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