Why does someone believe you when you say there are four billion stars, but check when you say the paint is wet?

Cunningham's Law: The best way to get the right answer on the internet is not to ask a question; it's to post the wrong answer.

Gift cards are the dumbest thing we've ever fallen for. Pay a company in advance and then ensure brand loyalty by making sure that either you can't use the full amount of the gift card or you have to spend even more money to cover what the gift card didn't.

Instead of gift cards, just give the actual money as a gift, paired with a thoughtful message on a card with some suggestions on how to spend it that show you put some thought into what the recipient likes.

The problem with the world? Intelligent people are full of doubts, while stupid ones are full of confidence. -- Charles Bukowski

In what universe are weights machines and treadmills consider 'Leisure Facilities'?

Mathematics is like checkers in being suitable for the young, not too difficult, amusing, and without peril to the state. -- Plato

Four useless things to a pilot: altitude above, runway behind, fuel at the airport, and a 10th of a second ago.

I see so much uninformed opinion dressed up and pretending to be objective analysis. Please, do not do that.

Victory! I've managed to print via Wi-Fi to a printer from my Ubuntu laptop.

Genuinely a victory.

Consciousness - that annoying period between naps. -- Karin Gillespie

The reason for oil in cooking isn't just to reduce the sticking, it's also to improve the thermal contact between the pan and the food, improving heat transfer.

Google has made “substantial” contributions to some of the most notorious climate deniers in Washington despite its insistence that it supports political action on the climate crisis.

Thank you, @Twitter@twitter.com, for a completely pointless re-wording of one of your automated messages, leading to my automated systems being unable to process it, and thus wasting 30 minutes of my time.

Thank you, *so* much.

Mixed numbers don't exist in some countries. If you use them in written form, some people may not understand them at all.

I wondered why the football was getting bigger - then it hit me. -- Stewart Francis(?)

Just watched an episode of MacGyver - they had a Lat/Long as part of the plot, and the location they claimed it was is *nothing* like it is in real life.

That's a bit of a disappointment, and given the nature of the show, they *must* know *someone* will check.

<fx: sigh />

Web sites are back, I hope no one was too inconvenienced. Again, apologies.

It worked!
For other people running my MathJax patch, here's a commit that adds MathJax (and the plaintext TeX → unicode auto-replacement) into Mastodon 3.0.0: github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/

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