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Game of Life running on Penrose tiles:

With links to an NYT feature of "short reflections from big thinkers on why Conway's famous cellular-automata gewgaw remains so fascinating",

From which I found Kjetil Golid's generative-art "crosshatch automata",

I went for ice skating today.

I learned that the trick was to always be prepared to fall. Failing is a very good reinforcement mechanism to get better. Once you know how to land without hurting yourself, then you start getting the confidence to improve your movement.

Nice experience. Will go again.

My phone said it wasn't raining, but I looked outside and it was. One of the few times windows proved better than Android.

Rewatched "Mad Max: Fury Road" today.

The feminist themes of the film are so much more clearer to me, having recently read Rebecca Solnit's "Men Explain Things to me".

The savage barbaric world of Mad Max is saved when a woman becomes an emperor, who brings love, affection and patient gardening techniques to the ruins of the crumbling civilisation!

Claude Shannon’s masterpiece, a 1948 paper titled “A Mathematical Theory of Communication,” was the first to use the word “bit” — a portmanteau of “binary digit,” either a 1 or a 0 — in reference to information.…

Played Betrayal at the House on the hill and got the worst possible scenario. The winner would have to be the person who opened the last room. It lasted for three hours!

In a recent Quanta story, Marijn Heule’s collaborator John Mackey said watching him work on solving Keller’s conjecture in dimension seven was “like watching LeBron James in the NBA Finals.” Heule is now working on one of math’s biggest problems.…

Blichfeldt's theorem:

Any set in the plane of area greater than one can be translated to contain two integer points. New article on Wikipedia, connected to an expansion of the biography of Hans Blichfeldt, who came to the US from Denmark as a teenager in 1888 and worked for several years as a lumberman, railway worker, and surveyor before his mathematical talent was recognized and he became one of the first students at Stanford.

ये ख़राबातियान-ए-ख़िरद-बाख़्ता
सुब्ह होते ही सब काम पर जाएँगे

- Translation

All the tavern-dwellers who put their intellect at stake,
The next day they would go back to work.

Here's a blog post I wrote, trying to do a literary analysis of these lines and the rest of the poem.

उस की उमीद-ए-नाज़ का हम से ये मान था कि आप,
उम्र गुज़ार दीजिए उम्र गुज़ार दी गई.

- Jaun Eliya


With her coquetry, she had put forth put forth a demand,

To spend the life she asked, so spending my life I am.

Saw "Wall Street" (1987).

Nice film. Michael Douglas acts beautifully in this commentary about ugly capitalism and greed. Very impressed.

The dialogue exchanges of Martin Sheen and Charlie Sheen broke the fourth wall. It was too real.

So now the birdsite has erupted in a flamewar about Nazi mathematicians.

Soon, the sparks will fly in this direction too.

कितनी दिलकश हो तुम कितना दिल-जू हूँ मैं,
क्या सितम है कि हम लोग मर जाएँगे.
- Jaun Eliya


So irresistible you are, so heart-broken I am,
What a tragedy it is that we're both mortals.

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