I'm looking for some advice about swimming. No matter what I do, after some stroking I run out of breath and I start to panic. How do you overcome this state?

Finally saw that 2012 film called Argo.

What a wasteful American propaganda film.

@ColinTheMathmo I believe that there must be some generating functions to study these things. For example, S(N) appears as the degree of \( y\) in the coefficient of \(z^N\) in the formal series.

\prod_{p \in \mathbb{P}} \frac{1}{1-yz^p}

@tpfto That's a good idea.

Time management seems to be the key here. My schedules are generally very loose with lots of unmanaged swaths.

@tpfto My main issue is that I get easily distracted towards acquiring less important trivia about movies, politics, tech, society, etc.

It's just a rabbit hole.

@tpfto I write Todo lists and then I don't follow them. I don't demarcate priorities, maybe I should do that.

How do you deal with procrastination? Please give me some tips. I struggle a lot.

Awesome short film about caste. Good comments below. The name is a play on a 1972 surrealist French film directed by Luis Buñuel.


I saw Chungking Express (1994).

I think the movie is cute and funny. But is it a philosophical exploration into the perils of urban romance? Hell no! People read too much into this Wong Kar-Wai film.

It's nice y'all, but please don't start writing a thesis on it.

Suppose you have 25 horses and a race track with 5 lanes. What is the least number of races in which you can select the best 3 horses?

Obvious rules apply. No timer is involved and performance of each horse is constant through the races.

Watch Human Nature.

It's a 2019 documentary about CRISPR, the spooky gene editing technology and the ethical concerns behind it.

It's 2021 now and we have a come a long way from that controversial Chinese trial of CRISPR on humans. It would be cool if someone has any follow-up recommendations.


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