Today I found out there is a very large section of videos on YouTube in which sexy looking people play classical music. 🤣

\[ \sum_{k=q}^{n} \binom{n}{k} \binom{k}{q} = 2^{n-q}\binom{n}{q}. \]

What does this make you think of?

@ZevenKorian Wow.

That seems cool. I'll line up some episodes in my (very long!) queue.

I have been listening to "Hidden Brain" these days which I like a lot. Have you heard of this?

I feel that writing LATEX has become a very mechanical things for me. So I often listen to some podcasts on the side.

What are some good podcasts that you people listen to?

I will finish my LATEX writing while writing toots in the side.

Watch me shine in my burning monday motivation, Mathstodon. 😅


Haha! Good to know that I am famous on other forums too.

Although I don't visit that place too much now. I feel I'm doing okay by myself and that place makes me think a lot about my T.

Reddit is a better place for support, IMO


Sad to know.

Initially, I was also concerned about losing my career over the T. I even asked a question about it on tinnitustalk:

Overall, I feel I am getting habituated. I still lose focus, but I usually feel quite convinced that it is me and not the T 😂

I saw "AK vs AK" on Netflix.

Nice movie with excellent acting by both Anil Kapoor and Anurag Kashyap, who both play as themselves. The movie is so surreal with like no fourth wall at all.

It's an excellent break from traditional Bollywood films. Contains a lot of inside jokes and trivia. The movie feels a bit pretentious sometimes, but overall it is very fresh.


I have been to ear specialists and they have given me some herbal medicine. I don't think it does much though. I have been asked to visit them again in two months if nothing happens.

I feel reading, writing is not the issue for me as much sleeping is. I have to play some white noise, nature sounds, etc, but I am perpetually worried about getting spikes. I meditate and that helps a lot too.



I am in academia and I have tinnitus too. It's quite intrusive at times but I feel like I'm on a good trajectory towards habituation.

Nice to meet you! 😊

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