I guess I'm going to sulk about Indian politics for five more years. All my favorite candidates lost and I have a complete dislike for this re-elected ruling party. *sigh*

The level of discourse in this Indian election is hilarious.

One of the candidates is a holy man who said that he will curse those who don't vote for him.

Another holy person who was in jail until recently said that her curse had caused the death of a police officer. Apparently, that police officer had died in fighting a terrorist attack in Mumbai and this statement is now a national embarrassment.


For those who wish to understand the caste identity of Indians better, this might be a very good exposure. It's the clearest example where the caste of an aerospace professor made him the center of a massive affair in a university environment which most Indians would like to believe is free of caste-related bias.


Anyone interested in a mastodon instance focused on India? I have seen that many Indian users on Twitter have to go through vicious trolling.

The philosophy is to have a hate-speech free version of Twitter for Indians, free of fake news and IT Cells. We'll have bots to follow Modi, Gandhi, Kejriwal, etc. and some news websites. The servers could be crowdfunded.

Boost to show support, comment to discuss.

The only thing missing about mastodon for me is that I see no one to discuss Indian politics with.


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