How do you deal with procrastination? Please give me some tips. I struggle a lot.

@Breakfastisready Presumably, you don't want to deal with it later... less facetiously, have you ever tried writing up a priority list?

@tpfto I write Todo lists and then I don't follow them. I don't demarcate priorities, maybe I should do that.

@tpfto My main issue is that I get easily distracted towards acquiring less important trivia about movies, politics, tech, society, etc.

It's just a rabbit hole.

@Breakfastisready you should still devote time to it, but you need to restrict it to a particular time, and only after everything with a higher priority is dealt with. Admittedly, this is easier said than done.

@tpfto That's a good idea.

Time management seems to be the key here. My schedules are generally very loose with lots of unmanaged swaths.

For a particular flavor of procrastination, one trick is to tell yourself that you'll work for 10 minutes (or something similar, short), and hopefully you get into the swing of the work and actually end up working longer.

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