I feel that writing LATEX has become a very mechanical things for me. So I often listen to some podcasts on the side.

What are some good podcasts that you people listen to?

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@Breakfastisready I listen to a lot of podcasts so to throw in a few:

- Lingüistics
-- Lexicon Valley (long one too)
-- Lingthusiasm

- History
-- Timeline Tapes

- Medicine
-- Heme review (this one is a side channel kind of thing, main channel is chubbyemu on youtube)

@ZevenKorian Wow.

That seems cool. I'll line up some episodes in my (very long!) queue.

I have been listening to "Hidden Brain" these days which I like a lot. Have you heard of this?

@Breakfastisready My thoughtful podcasts are History Of Philosophy Without Any Gaps and the BBC's In Our Time.

Pop culture hangout podcasts are I Don't Even Own A Television (bad-book review), Worst Episode Ever (the Simpsons), Greatest Generation (Star Trek).

I like the Radio Theater Channel's old-time radio, one hour a week. There's also a couple individual old-time radio show podcasts (Jack Benny, Vic & Sade) with irregular updates.

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