Hi to all :)
I'm a former PhD student from Italy. I left academic career two years ago. Mainly for health problems (probable meniere's and intrusive tinnitus). Now I want to try again to enter into the academic field. I study philosophy and I'm interested in aestethic of music and political philosophy.Tinnitus is very intrusive and prevent me to concentrate on my studies. Is there anyone here that suffer from it and can give me some advice on how to manage it? Thanks a lot :) :)




I am in academia and I have tinnitus too. It's quite intrusive at times but I feel like I'm on a good trajectory towards habituation.

Nice to meet you! 😊

@Breakfastisready hi! Sorry to hear you have to deal with it too!
Do you manage to study well even with T? Did you tried any habituation therapy like TRT? I can do everything now, even sleep, but reading/studying is still an issue.



I have been to ear specialists and they have given me some herbal medicine. I don't think it does much though. I have been asked to visit them again in two months if nothing happens.

I feel reading, writing is not the issue for me as much sleeping is. I have to play some white noise, nature sounds, etc, but I am perpetually worried about getting spikes. I meditate and that helps a lot too.

@Breakfastisready thanks for your answer. For me, I have no difficulties in sleeping (though I need to sleep with some sound on but It it isnt always necessary). My main issues is concentrating, I'm becaming better but not at the levels I was capable prior to T


Sad to know.

Initially, I was also concerned about losing my career over the T. I even asked a question about it on tinnitustalk:


Overall, I feel I am getting habituated. I still lose focus, but I usually feel quite convinced that it is me and not the T 😂

@Breakfastisready it was you! I found your topic on the forum weeks ago. Evidently the anxiety is worse than tinnitus itself


Haha! Good to know that I am famous on other forums too.

Although I don't visit that place too much now. I feel I'm doing okay by myself and that place makes me think a lot about my T.

Reddit is a better place for support, IMO

@Breakfastisready yes, Tinnitus Talk is definitively too much negative and depressing

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