I want opinion on this.

Are "that's what she said" jokes sexist? They could surely be perverted/vulgar/NSFW, but are they sexist?

Just want a fair assessment.

Okay, so it seems that the overwhelming majority feels that these jokes are sexist. But is there no way there could be a non-sexist version of these jokes?

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@Breakfastisready so long as "that's what HE said!" doesn't work the same way, it's at the very least memetically propagating a sexist worldview.

@Breakfastisready Of course. Just build a time machine, go back a couple of thousand years, and usher in an era of complete gender equality lasting until today. Then they'll probably be fine.

@Breakfastisready i imagine one would have to set up the sexual undertone a bit more explicitly, or by means that don't refer to the gender.

cf. fortune cookies "in bed"

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