TOEFL costs 295 USD in Switzerland!

I am an Indian student studying in Switzerland and I still have to give this rubbish exam! Worst part is, my two year old score is not valid anymore, as if somehow my English language capability has magically disappeared.

I hate ETS so much!

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TOEFL is an absolutely stupid exam. It is five hours long and a complete waste of time, if your English is good enough to watch English shows and talk to a native English speaker.

Also, what's the point of having a separate TOEFL score and a GRE score? There is so much redundancy here. My English score is tested by TOEFL and the general GRE, my mathematics skills are tested by the GRE and again by the GRE subject test.

American PhD applications are stupid.

Also note that for each college I apply to, I have to send my TOEFL score for $20, my general GRE score for $27 and the GRE subject test for $27, just so that ETS could email my scores to these universities.

This is nothing short of financial molestation.

So in all, I would have paid $150 for the GRE Subject test, $205 for the GRE General test, $295 for the TOEFL Test, $27+$27+$20 for each college applied too in the US (outside of the 2-4 options that I get for free while giving the exams) and then after paying all these prices, I will have to spend $50 to $150 per university (registration prices vary).

In total, it will roughly cost $800-$1000 to apply to graduate schools in US (depends on the how many). Most of the money here is going to ETS.

@Breakfastisready Yes, all of that is quite useless and very expensive. But the cost of the university itself, once you're admitted as a PhD student, is even worse! Are you also applying for positions in Europe :)?

PhD students get a fees waiver, waiver? I know that in UK they don't.

Yes, I am applying to some European institutes too. Diversification is a good strategy, I think.

@Breakfastisready Oh I do not know about it work in the US. In Canada you have to pay the fees, but you can also work as a TA and you earn enough money to live and pay the fees!

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